Audrey Hepburn Films

Audrey Hepburn is one of the greatest actresses to ever head to Hollywood. She was born in Belgium to an English father and a Dutch mother. In 1935 Audrey`s father left the family.

Her dad was a Nazi sympathizer and both parents were in the British Union of Fascists. After the divorce Audrey and family moved to the Netherlands in 1939. It is while in the Netherlands that Audrey took up ballet. In 1940 WWII came to the Netherlands.

After the war she decided that acting would be a better career for her. She was too tall to be a Prima Ballerina. Her first official movie was an educational video. She went on to make small appearances in a few other films. Her big break through was in Roman Holiday.

She went on to 15 years of successful movie making. She semi-retired after Wait Until Dark.
She was married twice. The first was to Mel Ferrer. She met Me through Gregory Peck. The two were married in 1954. There were rumors that the marriage would not last.

She miscarried twice before giving birth to Sean. They remained married until 1968. While married Audrey Hepburn began a relationship with Albert Finney. She eventually remarried in 1969 but got divorced in 1982 when her children were old enough to deal with it. She died of cancer in 1993.

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